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Joomla pre-installed

SSL certificate

SSL Let's Encrypt


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Included in the offer

Joomla pre-installed, automatic updates,
servers located in Italy, free transfer.

Joomla hosting pre-installed to manage your site very easily, no manual installation or specific knowledge is required. All updates are automatic for Joomla and for the plugins and themes installed, allowing you to have a site that is always updated, secure, not vulnerable and with all the new features active.

Hosting Joomla Services


62,00/ year

Joomla Wesmart

  • 30 GB SSD disk space
  • 50 account e-mail
  • 30 MySQL Database on SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Control panel
  • Certificate SSL Let's Encrypt
Hosting Joomla Services


116,00/ year

Joomla Business

  • 150 GB SSD disk space
  • 100 account e-mail
  • 150 MySQL Database on SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Control panel
  • Certificate SSL Let's Encrypt
Hosting Joomla Services


189,00/ year

Joomla Enterprise

  • 300 GB SSD disk space
  • 200 account e-mail
  • 300 MySQL Database on SSD
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Control panel
  • Certificate SSL Let's Encrypt

The Web Hosting service ensures the digital showcase for your company through Web space, Database and e-mail accounts.

Hosting Joomla managed and pre-installed

What is Joomla hosting ?

A Joomla hosting is a web hosting service specifically designed to host websites based on the Joomla platform. Joomla is one of the most used open source CMS on the web and is perfect for creating sites and portals. You can choose from hundreds of themes and its extensions cater to all needs. Our web hosting, combined with the advantages of Joomla, guarantee your site high performance, security and reliability.


Joomla is a free and open source CMS, written in PHP. Joomla allows users to manage, with different levels of access, the contents of a web page. It provides an easy-to-use, multilingual, accessible and responsive platform for creating various types of web pages - blogs, e-commerce, web journals, personal and corporate sites.

  • Managed Joomla Hosting

    Design, SEO and usability. With Joomla Hosting you have the Joomla CMS pre-installed in Italian to manage your online business with ease.
  • Secure Joomla transfer

    If you already have a Joomla site on another provider and you are worried about the transfer, you have nothing to fear, with our system you can migrate your old hosting easily and for free. Transfer files, emails and databases in complete safety.
  • Our technicians are always by your side

    Entrust your project to the professionalism of our team. Our specialized department is always present via telephone, chat and ticket, 24 hours a day.

Services included in the Joomla Hosting plan

Joomla pre-installed in Italian

Automated Joomla theme, plugin and core updates

Cache system pre-installed

Joomla specialized Italian technical support available 24 hours a day

Server monitoring

Server optimized to make your site fast and compliant with Google directives

Security systems included: Firewall, Malware scan and Brute Force Prevention

Daily automatic backup on isolated server

Joomla hosting FAQ

1What is Joomla ?

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS in the world for creating dynamic websites. It does not require extensive knowledge of programming languages ​​and can also be used for commercial purposes. It has a simple and feature rich admin panel.

2Can I associate multiple domains to a hosting plan ?

Yes, Joomla hosting plans are single domain. The domain is your choice, you can transfer it from your previous hosting or buy a new one.

3Can I upgrade a hosting plan ?

Yes, you can request a hosting plan upgrade at any time by paying the price difference between the new plan and the current one calculated on the period in which you have not yet used the service. No downtime and no data migration is expected.

4What version of Joomla is installed on your hostings ?

By default our plans have the latest version of Drupal. Our staff will install available updates from time to time to avoid outdated or damaged versions.