Why solutions in Cloud ?

Cloud computing allows access to computing resources such as processing, storage, memory and applications via the Internet.



Cloud solutions can be tailored as needed, without investing in expensive hardware and software.



Remote and flexible access to data and applications takes place from any location and device connected to the Internet.

Weclo-Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery

The data is stored in remote data centers with frequent backups, ensuring continuity even in the event of natural or technical disasters.



Cloud solutions allow savings in terms of costs related to the maintenance and updating of technologies.

Who are the services for ?

The cloud solutions are dedicated to both companies and private, offering advantages in terms of flexibility, accessibility and savings. For businesses, cloud computing offers scalability, data availability, disaster recovery, and reduced technology maintenance costs. Remote access to data and applications improves staff productivity and collaboration. Individuals can also benefit from cloud services, such as access to photos and documents from any device, as well as secure storage solutions for their personal data.

  • Speed ​​and security.
  • Technical support 24h.
  • Simplicity in configuration.
  • Savings and productivity.
  • Scalability and recovery.

Weclo' offers
Solutions Cloud for companies and individuals

A business partner is an ally for business success. Choosing a reliable one with similar values ​​and visions is crucial for a successful partnership.

Three different types of Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) e Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Services Cloud

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Cloud computing offers a number of benefits, including increased flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. Instead of having to buy and manage hardware and software locally, users can access the resources they need through an Internet connection and pay only for what they use. Furthermore, cloud computing allows users to access their resources from anywhere at any time, which increases productivity and collaboration.