Server Colocation

Server collocation is a hosting solution in which a business rents space in a data center to house its physical servers. In this way, the company can benefit from the reliability and security of a professional data center without having to manage and maintain its own infrastructure.

The services of Colocation or Housing have the same meaning, the first definition today replaces the second in computer jargon.
Specifically, it involves transferring the servers and storage from the company to an equipped and specialized Data Center.

Do you have questions ? What we propose.

Weclo' offers the service Server Colocation aiming to reduce costs. Instead of having to buy, install and manage a server room, a company can rent space in an existing data center and use data center resources to manage its infrastructure.

Our Colocation services

Choose between Rack Colocation and Unit Rack Colocation depending on your needs.

Choose your wardrobe

Rack Colocation

greater number of servers or maximum flexibility, the solution is a dedicated rack cabinet.

  • Whole Rack Rental

  • 48 usable units

  • Dedicated cabinet key

  • Dual power supply

  • Support UPS and generators

  • Fire detection system with sensors

  • Connectivity up to 10G

  • IP address assignment

  • BGP internet access (minimum /24)

Choose your unit

Unit Rack Colocation

The offer starts from 1U rack servers and is aimed at those who need Colocation for a few servers.

  • Unit Rental of the Rack

  • 1 usable unit

  • Shared cabinet key

  • Dual power supply

  • Support UPS and generators

  • Fire detection system with sensors

  • Connectivity up to 10G

  • IP address assignment

  • BGP internet access (minimum /24)

Server needs in the company

The advantages of colocation.

Companies can no longer do without a server to manage the information flow that increasingly engages the entire IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, the physical location of servers does not always meet business needs

  • Unsuitable or non-redundant power supply
  • Unstable or slow connectivity
  • Expensive infrastructure

The pandemic, and the consequent remote access to corporate resources, has transformed the demand on corporate servers, with increasingly expensive connectivity resources.

A company needs to dedicate a dedicated space to servers and network equipment. They must comply with strict safety regulations. Digital and physical access must be secured. In addition, they need constant temperature cooling and must remain switched on in the event of a power failure. This implies an administrative and financial burden.

Moving company servers to an equipped Data Center allows you to take advantage of advantages that can hardly be replicated in the company if not at the expense of expensive costs for maintaining optimal conditions. Here are some:


What we offer with the Weclo' Colocation service

  • Whole rack or unit rental
  • Separate double power supply
  • Layer2 interconnection between our Data Centers up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Control Room h24
  • Shared or Dedicated Internet Access up to 10 Gbit/s with primary connection and geolocated backup
  • Public IP assigned up to 254 IP per connection
  • Access Control to the Datacenter and the Rack room
  • Centralized and intelligent anti-intrusion system
  • 24h video surveillance for perimeter and hall protection
  • Dedicated Technical Support

Unique environment

The Weclo' Data Center is equipped with unique features that make it the ideal environment to host your servers.
The plants and the continuous monitoring system are designed to ensure that your equipment always works at maximum efficiency, reducing the possibility of breakdowns or malfunctions.

Exclusive access

Access to your dedicated wardrobes is only via a reserved badge, kept inside the Weclo' headquarters.
During access to the Data Center we also put at your disposal a quiet room equipped with connectivity to allow you to work as if you were in your corporate headquarters.

Out of hours interventions

It is possible to request access to the Data Center or remote intervention on your Colocation equipment even outside office hours, with at least 2 hours notice to be communicated to the staff or to the assigned on-call number.